Lifestyle Protection Insurance (LPI)

Cover to keep
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Insurance, your saving grace when it comes to the unexpected. Here at BetterTM we make sure we offer three key insurances, to financially protect you and offer something that money can't buy, peace of mind. 

If you were made redundant or were unable to earn income due to accident or illness (or worse), would you be able to meet your financial commitments and expenses?

With life's many ups and downs, it's important to consider protecting your income, lifestyle and family. If the thought creates some cash flow concerns, take a look at the Lifestyle Protection Insurance (LPI) offered by our partner Quest Insurance. Read on for more about what it does and how it works.


The benefits

Financial protection for your lifestyle
Below are a few key points about Lifestyle Protection Insurance (LPI) and what it offers. For specific details, always refer to the policy documents for full terms, exclusions, conditions and benefits – just ask the betterTM team for more information.

Life Cover

In the worst case, should you pass away, LPI cover provides financial protection for your loved ones – you choose the amount and recipient when taking out the cover.

Disability Cover

LPI  provides financial assistance if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness.  LPI keeps your repayments on track whilst you focus on getting better. Remove the stress when life doesn't go to plan.

Redundancy Cover

A safety net in the event of redundancy, if you work 30 hours or more a week, the Redundancy Cover benefit can provide a monthly payment (set by you) for up to six months.

Bankruptcy Cover

If you are self-employed, in the event of bankruptcy (if adjudicated by the High Court during the term of your policy), LPI can be called on to pay the amount payable for bankruptcy cover.


Important LPI FAQs
Read about terms, conditions, benefits and more in these common FAQs about Lifestyle Protection Insurance.

Is there a wait period on my policy?

Yes. For Disability Cover any illness that manifests itself within 28 days of the commencement of the policy is not covered.
For redundancy Cover the provision is not available should the policy holder become redundant within 30 days of the policy being written.
Check the policy document for full terms and conditions of the policy.

How do I add LPI onto my loan?

The premium of the LPI policy is added to your loan agreement so there are no additional up-front payments, the cost is included in your regular loan repayments.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is easy. Quest Insurance is a New Zealand owned company. You can make a claim by calling Quests claim helpline, or by emailing them directly.
Full information is provided in your policy document.

Do I need to pay an excess when making a claim?

No, there is no excess on the Lifestyle Protection Policy.

Is there a cool-down period?

You have 3 days after your policy commences to check that the policy meets your needs. Within this period you may, in writing, tell Quest Insurance to cancel the policy.

Would you like to read more?

Download the documentation about Quest LPI

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